Monday, 20 April 2009

Well the sun is shining and I'm loving it. I come over all mother hen when its a nice day, I want to wash all the sheets and spring clean the house. The reality is I get one set of bedding washed, empty the hall of clutter, hang the sheets out, sweep the floor and put everything back in the hall, realise at bedtime I didn't put clean sheets back on the bed and the dog & children have run through the hall so many times it doesn't look like I did anything. Still I tried.

We had some friends over for tea last night and all the kids played happily,5 boys and 1 girl. It was the most peaceful "friends round" evening we've ever had. They played together well and didn't fall out. There must be something in the air.

The tadpoles are living happily in the pond. I keep looking to see if their tails are getting shorter, but they swim away too quickly. As soon as I see legs I'll post a picture!!

I really must get making more things too. I sold a teacosy on and was inspired to make another on after reading the comments about it, but haven't got round to it. Its next on the list I think.

I'm off to make a lovely G & T and have 10 mins in the sun. xx

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