Saturday, 30 May 2009

Summer & all that it involves

It's definitely here, well its in the fens if nowhere else, its been here for about 2 weeks now and I'm loving it. Yes, the Sun has arrived. The weather has been good since Easter, almost too good for the farmers, they now want a decent rainfall, but they're never happy at this time of year. All the flowers have started to bloom and the veg is getting stronger in their little beds and the tadpoles have grown the tiniest legs I've ever seen. It been years since I've had a good look at a tadpole and now we've got the pond I think I'm more interested than the kids!!

I'm now Godmother to my adorable little niece Caitlin. We had a lovely weekend in Thorne for the service and she was perfect throughout, no tears and smiles for the cameras when needed.

We collected 9 rescue hens last Wednesday, 3 were for us and 6 for some friends who have started to keep hens too. Unfortunately when we checked on them Thursday morning we'd lost 5 during the night. We've had rescue hens before and never lost any, I was a little bit sad that the poor things had been through the trauma of the rescue and being re-homed only to die on their first night of freedom. The other 4 are now happily living with my friend and her boys.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

One of those weeks

Well this week has been fun..... I was slicing the potatoes for our fish pie on a mandolin slicer. I was using the guard to hold the potatoes, but didn't have my thumb high enough. The end result was a slice off the edge of my thumb in the pile of potatoes and a call to the neighbour to come and bandage me up. We ended up going to see the Nurse at the surgery as it wouldn't stop bleeding. Its getting better now but still wrapped up, and it's my right thumb so I'm learning to do things with my fingers, turn the car keys, hold a knife and pen.

Yesterday my 4 year old son came downstairs and told me he'd "cut his hair!!!". He was so proud I couldn't help but laugh. He'd climbed up on the toilet to reach the box on the top shelf of the cabinet in which they are kept. Kids!!! We've had to shave his head quite short but he still has obvious marks at the front and we're going to my neices Christening on Sunday.

Still everything that we lost this week will grow back, so we are lucky, some aren't so fortunate.