Friday, 17 April 2009

The end is nigh

Well the holidays are nearly over and the children will be returning to school full of enthusiasm, well 2 of those 3 are right.

Oh, the postman has just delivered more of my plaques ready for me to paint and sell. Something for me to do when the kids are at school. I love it in the holidays when they are at home, we get to talk more and relax rather than just live each day in a routine of get ready for school, come home from school, homework, tea, tidy, wash & bed. We never really have time to sit and chill during the week :(

I had another tattoo done yesterday. I went with my neice, she had some stars along the top of her foot and I was going to have a chain of flowers around my ankle. After talking to the tattooist I changed my mind and had some daisys along the side of my foot. It was bloody painful and I'm glad I changed my mind from my original idea, otherwise I think he'd have got less than halfway round before I stopped him. My neice however was chatting away like she was on a car journey.

The tadpoles are still growing, they are feeding on worms that have either fallen in or my youngest has put in there!! At least they are still with us. On a sad note we had to dispatch one of our chickens, Action man, she belonged to my eldest son and was the last of the first 4 chickens we got 4 years ago. He wants to bury her next to his rabbit which died last year. Generally my children are very matter of fact about the lives of animals as we are very rural and the family have a farm, but my son has taken this death to heart as Action man was more of a pet to us. RIP.


  1. Love the tattoo. Sorry about the chook!

  2. Thanks Hennie, She's now been buried in the in the chickens garden. It was a sad moment, my son wanted us to scatter some earth on her before he buried her on his own :(