Monday, 15 June 2009

My tadpole population is now very low, because my youngest decided to fish most of them out of the water and taken them for a ride in the tractor!!. I was so cross with him, we've told him all along that they need to stay in the water to live.

I received a belated birthday pressent from my brother & sister in law, a lovely bottle of champagne and a box of Charbonel & Walker chocolates. They cheered me up a bit.

I did a craft fair in Lincoln last week. It was my first proper fair and I was very nervous about how my stall would look. I took a friend with me and we had a great day. I met fellow Misi member, Victoria from Plum crafts. She makes the most amazing teddies for a fantastically wonderful price. I bought a lilac one called Anna. She sits on my bureau watching everyone in the room.

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